Struggling with Back Pain?

Back pain can range from the occasional dull ache or sharp stabbing pain to completely debilitating pain, adversely affecting your quality of life. Whether you’re being kept out of work or not able to enjoy spending time with your family, back pain can detrimentally impact your quality of life, preventing you from being able to take care of your family or enjoy spending time with them.

Studies show that 70 to 85% of people have and will suffer from back pain in their life. In fact, back pain is the third most expensive disease after heart disease and cancer. About 22 million Americans visit chiropractors annually. Of these, 7.7 million, or 35%, are seeking relief from back pain from various causes.

Back pain can come on suddenly (acute pain) or start to worsen over time. If you’ve had back pain that has persisted for an extended period of time (over three weeks), it is called chronic back pain. Over the counter medicine may relieve some of the symptoms of your back pain, but will definitely not get to the cause. That’s where our chiropractic services at New Leaf Chiropractic Wellness Center can help. Through a careful chiropractic exam and assessment, we can locate and treat the source of your back pain.

Manipulation as a Treatment for Back Problems

Used primarily by Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) for the last century, manipulation has been largely ignored by most others in the health care community until recently. Now, with today’s growing emphasis on treatment and cost effectiveness, manipulation is receiving more widespread attention.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation is a safe and effective spine pain treatment. It reduces pain, decreases the need for medications, rapidly advances physical therapy, and requires very few passive forms of treatment, such as bed rest.

Chiropractic Treatment and Natural Relief for Back Pain

For most people, back pain goes away on its own after a few days or weeks. But for some, the back pain becomes chronic and debilitating and lasts for months or years. It is a challenging condition to diagnose, treat, and study. Through highly-skilled, gentle Chiropractic spinal manipulation or adjustment of vertebrae, and physical medicine techniques, our patients are able to get back to work and back to living. If you struggle with neck and backaches, talk with Dr. Pease to see if Chiropractic care is right for you.

If you or someone you know is experiencing back pain, numbness or tingling, visit or call us at New Leaf Chiropractic Wellness Center to schedule an appointment for your complimentary consultation as soon as possible. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Pease will help alleviate your pain sooner rather than later and get you back to enjoying your life.

Best Back Pain Chiropractic Care | Chiropractor For Back Pain

“Patients with chronic low-back pain treated by chiropractors showed greater improvement and satisfaction at one month than patients treated by family physicians. Satisfaction scores were higher for chiropractic patients. A higher proportion of chiropractic patients (56 percent vs. 13 percent) reported that their low-back pain was better or much better, whereas nearly one-third of medical patients reported their low-back pain was worse or much worse.”

– Nyiendo et al (2000), Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics


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